Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hazel Louise Dorothy Wood

From Moiya

Hazel Louise Dorothy Wood
Dave and I are at the hospital visiting Sarah, Hazel Louise Dorothy.

Born on the 10th At 3:39 AM weighing in at 8 lb. and is 20 3/4 inches long.

She has lots of dark hair!

She looks a lot like Daphne.

She has Ilana's beautiful eyes.

 Oh so sweet!
 ... Three Generations ...

I made all of the little girls some new skirts and they wore them to the hospital.

Of course I did their hair and they each had to wear bows.

The girls skipped school today.

Sarah will come home tomorrow and we will take Curtis home to have some sleep soon.

He looks tired as well. 

... four little Wood girls ...
Love to all.



  1. I bet the girls look so sweet in their new dresses. The baby is darling.

  2. I had to take another look at the girls. I would not have recognized them at all Moiya if I saw them on the street. Four lovely little Wood girls!

  3. Hazel is beautiful. What a perfect little thing. Thanks for sharing the news and photos and good luck to all those big sisters.