Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Michael's 2nd Birthday Party - Preparation

... home-made cupcakes ...
Joan and Miranda were busy in the kitchen with preparations for Michael’s birthday party when I slipped over there on Friday.

 “ What? You are still here. I thought you had gone to the lake. I just came over to your house and borrowed your Bosch and I still didn’t know you were there.”

I ate four ... even though they didn't have essential fatty ingredients
There were cupcakes being made: large and mini.

The pork was roasting in the slow cooker for pulled pork.

The brownies were gluten less, sugarless and something-else-less, so much so that there was just a chance that they would also be tasteless.

But no.

That was not true.

 Full flavour. Who would have known.

And the next morning I saw the lawn now mowed, a bouncy castle delivered to the back yard, the climbing equipment rearranged so that there was a long tube coming out one side of it, and the water table had its paraphernalia all collected in a bucket by its side.

I don’t know what 2 year wouldn’t have enjoyed hanging out for the afternoon at that party.

... pulled pork to go on new buns ...
Amir and Richard tested out the castle.  Two grown men, relaxing inside.

I asked them why and then gave them the answer before they had to think one up.

“Just because the two of you were never in such an apparatus as a child, doesn’t mean you have to check it out now.”

“Oh yes we do have to check it out and that is exactly why.”

... the wash flaps in the wind before the party begins ...
I knew the jeans would come down from the clothes line before the guests started arriving.

But there – in the morning of the party -- the Chinook wind drying making the jeans flap in the breeze.

Looked like there was potential for happiness for 2 year olds in the afternoon.



  1. I love the hanging jeans. Should have given a pair to all at the party.

  2. I would guess that someone set that picture up for a good photoshoot. But no, that is the sight I see every Saturday morning on my neighbour's lawn. So we have come full circle. When we were young, we used to hang out all of Wyora's washing. She had two clothes lines. One from the porch upstairs, and one from the downstairs door, each connecting to a pole over by Mrs. Cockerton's house. That took a lot of clothes pegs. Still there wasn't enough room on the lines and we had to hang the cloth diapers together -- double them up because they would dry faster ever 2 diapers per one set of clothes pegs than other things.

    How happy she was to get a washer that wasn't a ringer washer, and a dryer so that we didn't have frozen clothes hanging over all of the house when the winter would get to 40 below.

    And now?

    Richard likes the smell of the clothes when they come off of the line and he likes the economy of drying clothes for free. I don't know which value is higher for him. It doesn't matter. I see those clothes hanging out on the weekends when he throws in his weekly wash.