Monday, September 2, 2013

Old Backpacks are Comfortable

 ... back to school pile ...
Anyone else up labelling things?

Remembering things forgotten till the last minute (indoor shoes).

Planning the lunch?

David and I are trying to counter balance thoughts of the hard parts of being back with positive things that seem more under our control.

We've planned for more canoe rides.

David is done being photographed so he will the the one behind the camera. We've planned for weekends with lots of screen time.

Friday night will be pizza in front of the TV.

... a freshly baked "back-to-school' cake ...
We made a grade three celebration cake.

We tried pieces with chocolate icing, pieces without, icing on the spoon.

Warm cake.

Cold cake.

Licking crumbs off the plate.

The shadowy figure of a boy dreaming of the first day back at school.
800 p.m.

David appears to be asleep. I risk waking him and snap a photo of him under a pile of pillows and blankets.

A way to calm my own feelings about tomorrow.

The laundry is drying.

The new backpack has been stored.

David's old backpack has been brought back out upon request because it feels more comfortable for him.

Grade III -- here we come.


  1. Good luck David! Enjoy both backpacks!

  2. I think you should backpack it over to my house and sleep on Lot 7.

  3. That is a great idea. how about this Friday?