Friday, September 6, 2013

Play is Hard Work

Play is Hard Work 

A Photo Essay about Third Generation Shuswapers

When the dads brought their children down to use the bouncy castle, I watched to see what the kids were  doing.  when they were not in the castle.

...  the door is always open ...
David Camps
"There are so many people in that tent, I am exhausted!"

Alice Johnson
"Ten days old and I am still not allowed to go in and bounce."

Sydney Wood
Who wants to bounce in a castle when they can be the engineer of their own train?"

 Oscar Wood
"I am sticking right here with my mom."

Senya Bates
"Yellow plums from Great Aunt Moiya's tree. I like them."

Ezra Bates
"That doesn't look like fun to me."
Zach Treleaven and Rhiannon Brooks
"We enjoy the computer centre more than the bouncy castle."
"Yup.  I just got a hair cut."
Autumn Wood
"I am getting new teeth."
Andrew Bates
"I will take another roll like that.  Just let me get up."
... another cinnamon bun hits the dust ...
Sydney Wood
"Back to Thomas the Train with my oil drum."
Senya Bates
"I  need one drink of water before I jump again."
Ivan Bates
"Are these my shoes or someone else's?"
Gabe Treleaven to Richard Johnson
"So that is how you get the volleyball in the air!"
An Oldham who doesn't play the trombone, yet
"Shredding fern fronds is hard work."
Naomi Brook
"The kids are bouncing on the other side of the house.
I am showing how tall the mullen is by standing beside it.
On the left hand side of the  picture you can see it is twice as tall as I am.

Go up.  Way, way up.
Audra Treleaven
"You have no more cinnamon buns?  Then a cookie will be fine.
Andrew is behind me.  Can he have one too."

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