Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Michael's 2nd Birthday Party - The Guests

... wanna play in here? ...
How to get out of this position?
I liked watching the children at the party.

Teresa is eight months old now.

She can sit up, but she can’t crawl yet.

Going from sitting to crawling? – she is trying to master that move with yoga moves.

She can get one leg stretched out, but she hasn’t figured out what to do with that other leg that is still in sitting position – what to do to get her to a crawling position.
Who will pick me up?

For her, that is the lingering question.

She wore out near the end of the party.

Amir put her on his shoulder and walked her back and forth in the yard, not noticing that she finally gave out, relaxing into a soporific hang-over position on his shoulder.

...   food?  dirt? what next at the party? ...
Teresa was the Queen of the Castle.

 I saw her open the blue door on its south side and shepherd many children in, closing the door behind them.

Then leading them over to where the stairs are.

So sweet, taking care of everyone.

 The gracious climbing tube hostess.

 ... no sand better than here ...
Michael ended up in the best spot in his yard.

There is a six foot long, 2 foot wide stretch of fine dirt beside the back of the house where grass is not growing.
Amir and Theresa in a job he is not unfamiliar with back home.

Richard and Miranda have planted plenty of grass seed there, never to see it take.

The spot is better than a sand pile where the grains are small and rough.

Here to take a hand of dirt and toss it to the wind is to see it all disappear into the air.

Nothing hits the ground.

Bouncy castle and climbing tubes notwithstanding, this is the best place in the yard.

... my sweet little Alice blue gown ...
Alice is two months – not two years. She rides around on her mother’s body – wrapped in front and fhen on the back. Her little blue eyes stay open now. 

The tiny baby is gone – that happens so fast.

.. the men ...
I had a good time at the party.

So sweet to see the couples with their children – in threes and fours.

A chance to spend a Saturday watching all of the kids together.

Happy Birthday, Michael.

Happy parenting, all.


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  1. Kalina was the Queen taking care of all the guests. I heard from Tim and Lurene that the party was a hit for all who attended. A perfect party.