Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hunting Part II - A tad graphic

Photo: Richard Johnson
Richard and his friend had gone looking for a deer, taking a week off work to drive north.

He says hunting is part getting an animal and part being on the land, away from phones and internet – enjoying the animals, the sunrises, the smell of the harvest.

Photo: Richard Johnson
“We got a deer, early in the week,” he told me this morning.

“I would love to see some pictures.”

“Here, taking anything off the disk you wish,” he said, pulling the card out of his camera and putting it in my hand.

Photo: Richard Johnson
 “Just telling you, the deer is hanging in your garage, so you won’t be surprised when you go out there and see it.”

Doral went hunting a lot – there was a group of men who loved this past time.

They weren’t trophy hunters.

They brought their meat home, they butchered it, they hung it, they packaged it.

Photo: Richard Johnson
In our family we ate it all winter.

At our house goulash was made from wild hamburger.

I wasn't fond of it then.

I am not fond of it now.

Processed into sausage?  Yes.

But goulash?  I pass.



  1. I haven't had a taste of this year's deer yet. I had a taste of last year's deer sausage a few days ago, though. Richard was walking over to my house, sausage and knife in hand, cutting off hunks like I used to see Doral do with cheese. But with Richard it was that wonderful meat from the forest. Yes, I had a taste. What was it like? Well, since I now have to cut the extra fat out of my diet, it tasted even better for it was like a treat I shouldn't be eating.