Saturday, September 7, 2013

be karfl

This summer Bonnie was teaching me a speech therapy technique of how to get people’s attention, their real attention, by using a pencil and a paper.

I was surprised how this worked to everyone’s benefit.

Sometimes a timeline or a list of jobs to do is best seen in black and white. Best for me, because then I get it straight – what it is I want from others. And best for them because they know exactly what do to. We tried technique this last year with the Rules that are attached to the Lot License that lets me live at the Shuswap. Our set of rules has pictures drawn at the sides of them now – quick ways to show little people what is expected of them.

In return, David draws pictures back for Bonnie and me.

Photo: Miranda Johnson
The stick figure appears to have fallen off the toilet and hit his head on the sink.
Here is a note that was attached to the sink in the green marbled-floored bathroom upstairs.

David writes to us of danger:

"be karfl wane gatting afe de tolet".

I like the note.  It is good to be alerted of possible danger.



  1. I love that note from David. Printing is so hard for him. To write it took a lot of energy and motivation. We are practicing "good enough" in our home for spelling. As long as the right message was received, we don't worry about the order or orientation of the letters. We are aiming for volume and content, nit perfect form.