Monday, September 30, 2013

Hilo Hawaii/Ensenada

Leaving Ensenada Mexico from our veranda at the back of the ship.

Just could not pass up this bit of color amongst the clouds.

Here is Greg posing in front of a palm tree called a lipstick plam tree. The stem grows in red and then turns to green. A lovely looking stalk and tree. Here Greg is in the botanical garden in Hilo Hawaii.

There you see a smoking volcano in the background.

I am standing in a lava tube. The lava flows and hardens on the outside. The lava keeps flowing on the inside of the tube. When the lava finishes flowing, there is a tube left. I am just walking through a place where lava once hung out.

Lava tube on lava tube is what the island is made of.

Greg is chatting with the bus driver/guide. She was a superb guide.


  1. The clouds look beautiful. I would have liked to have touch the trunk of the lipstick tree. I am wondering if you had some claustrophobia in the laval tubes. Thank you for a great post. I felt as though I were right there with you.

  2. Your trip looks fantastic! So many beautiful landscapes of nature. Wish I was there with my camera and tripod. Keep sharing your stories and pictures. As things cool down here, I return to look at the warm pictures again.