Monday, September 30, 2013

Shuswap 2013 Bates

What a fun year for Greg and I at Shuswap this year. We have decided that next year are establishing a new tradition. No job working around the house or preparing food. We are just going to play with our grandchildren. I can hardly wait for June 2014 to arrive.

An island picture.What could be more fun? Ezra, Kalina Theresa Audra and Ivan patiently waiting for service!

Welcoming the train drive by while waving the ribbons.

Another island of fun. Looks like Tim is in charge here.

Nathan sat on the couch just trying to play on the I pad. One after another the whole group just starting watching him. I observed him trying to play his game but he was so interesting that the group watching him just got bigger and bigger. He displayed the patience of Job. 

What is that Teague? A frog up your nose!

No summer is complete without a trip to Margaret Falls. Next year I am going to be in on that trip. No more cooking for me. 2014 is going to be the year of the peanut butter sandwich.


  1. Will you still be cooking from early September to the end of June? If not I am going to have to figure out another way to get cheese cake, carrot cake and pumpkin soup.

  2. Go on a cruise and you can have all of the above.

  3. Yes to going on a cruise and having all of the food in the world at your finger tips -- and at the same time. Morning, noon, tea time and night. Don't think I don't remember. And I am aware you are going to Hong Kong where there will be oriental delights at every dim sum.

    I have been missing the part of the cruise where there is entertainment every night -- dancing, a comedian, a solo musical artist, a band, a capella singers in some nook of the ship or perhaps a Broadway musical on stage. Rather than let this get me down, the loss of it, I have been trying to do somethiing every night in Calgary. All a person really has to do is go to the University of Calgary web page and look for events on campus. Last night Pouria and I saw Aesop's Fables in song and dance. But there were 2 free movies being shown as well. I am just going to pretend that my 15 minute walk over to the University Theatre is like the 3 minute run from a ship's cabin to the plush seats of a ship's playhouse. With my retiree's card I get two free tickets. That is a good price.