Monday, September 9, 2013

Sneak Preview

Glen: Where did you get that costume?
Wyona: Camden.
Glen: Of course.
Wyona invited us (Arta, Bonnie and David) over for dinner.

As you saw in the last post, she greeted us in a skeleton mask which Greg had found today on the top of a china cabinet.

But the skeleton mask was not enough.

 Around another corner she had a costume from Camden.

One she had purchased for Zoe this Halloween.

 David had the pleasure of being scared, twice.

The first fright is eating out at someone else’s house.

Wyona models the back of the costume.
The smells and textures are different than home.

 And we had just come back from a gruelling paddle in the canoe down to Johnson’s point.

First school.

Then Kid’s Club.

Then we passed go, which would have been home and went directly to the lake, since a canoe ride had been scheduled early in the morning.

David chose the front of the canoe and kept calling back instructions.

“Paddle on the other side, Grandma. You are taking us too closed to shore.”
David: Has anyone seen my hat?

“Watch out for the waves. They are bumping us around.”

“Wave your paddle at the train and see if he will wave back.”

“I can see the osprey hanging out on the top of the tree.” “Why do people write graffiti on the railroad cars.”

All of us were ready for food when the canoing was over and Wyona was delivering it in spades.

Butter chicken.

 Lime and cilantro rice.

A 20 ingredient fresh salad.

David: Wyona, give that back!
And the warning, “What you don’t eat, you have to take home, for I am cleaning out my fridge tomorrow and delivering it to your house in preparation for our leaving for Calgary before the weekend.

The hardest part of the evening was Wyona’s offer to let David try on the skeleton mask.

He had already seen it laying on the curve of the couch and he had hidden it under a pillow.

Then it appeared on the table in front of his plate – an appetite suppressant if ever there was one for him.

Arta: I'm not afraid. I will give you a kiss.
Then she offered him chocolate bars, but they were concealed inside of the mask and he had to put it on to get at them.

That little boy was tired by the time we got home.

This post is to wish Zoe as much fun with the costume as we had tonight.


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