Friday, September 20, 2013

Bon Voyage, Wyona and Greg

"I am in kindergarten."
I went to say good-bye to Wyona and Greg tonight.

They were watching Audra who is firmly situated in kindergarten –  nobody could be happier.  It took her so many years to get there.

If you don’t know, on her first day there, she asked her mother if she could drop her off a few blocks away from the school so she could walk in, independently.

I asked Audra if her teacher (whom her grandmother keeps calling Mrs. Stupid) had taught her any songs yet. She said yes. She sang a song to the tune of “Found a Peanut”. The lyrics were “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sat-ur-day”. The last four bars of the song have the same words ... just keep the tune going. Audra was so in tune and rhythmically correct that I was hoping her mom would get her into the Boys Choir too. She deserves it. A beautiful little voice.

I asked her where her mom and dad were. She said, “At the temple”. I started to sing “I want to see the temple / I’m going there someday.” Audra interrupted me to say that she knew that song too.

She asked me if I could sing in Chinese. I said yes. She asked me to sing for her. I performed in token Chinese. No Asian would have understood the words. Audra said she could sing in Chinese too. I asked to hear her. The tune was new to me.  The words she sang went “Au revoir, mes amis, au revoir”.

Ah yes.  Chinese.  I love little kindergarten people.



  1. Such a bright happy face. Too bad her mother does not check out the blog to see the happy face.

  2. Cute of little Andrew through the mesh as well. Once I get my camera out there is not one of those little faces that I see that I do not want to capture.