Monday, December 21, 2015

A Christmas Treat - Hot Chocolate

.... I have added the chocolate curls to the hot chocolate ...
What next?
David worked in the kitchen today making cake.

The first cake was eaten on the spot.

The other mix came out of the pan beautifully and will be iced tomorrow.

... a little extra won't hurt ...
Bonnie's idea is that it should have cherry pie filling between the layers, and be iced with whipping cream.

David has a different idea.

Why not have a butter cream icing, a nice chocolate flavoured one that will be spread between the two layers that he will split into four.
And now for the first taste!

In preparation for Bonnie's idea, there was some practise tonight, taking a chocolate bar and shaving curls off of it with a potato peeler. 

This was a good idea for Bonnie, but not one that David took too.

 He had enough melted chocolate on his fingers, just eating the few squares she had given him as a teaser.

 And so, not to waste either the whipping cream or the chocolate curls, Bonnie made a cup of hot chocolate for him.

You have already guess it.

I give it a score of 7/10.
 The whipping cream came out of the can and topped up the hot chocolate.

The curls of chocolate went on top of that.

This was a perfect way to end the night.

 The only thing that had gone wrong was that David didn't feel well and his temperature was rising.

What kind of holiday begins with someone being sick?

On the bonus side, Bonnie and I had a facetime visit for a long time.

And now for the first taste!
I got to see the ever changing lights of their tree.

 I got a tour around the house to see all of the decorations. 

We figured out how Xmas lights could be turned on outside, at least potentially.

I got to see David add some chocolate to the hot chocolate. 

We talked about electronics and how long it takes to install them.

David got a visit with Duncan.

We got to sing one carol, or was that 2. (We made a false start with "Joy to the World", so turned instead to "The Holly and the Ivy".)

One of us had Coke while the other had hot pepper jelly, cream cheese and crackers.

A good time was had by all.


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