Saturday, December 12, 2015

Medicinal Tea

My cough has settled into my chest, enough that the receptionist at the Dr.’s office (who is also his wife) offered me their family prescription for healing – boil ginger root and green onions into a tea. “My kids used to hate it, but it does the job.” Given that the recipe was easy and the ingredients were already in the kitchen, we boiled up the tea. In fact I am on my second round – could be a placebo, but when the chest cough is deep, the warm water can’t be all that bad for me, even without the bite of the boil.

This medical practise is for those who like eastern and western medicine. Part of the eastern medicine becomes visible in a chart on the wall that identifies the healing points on the body for acupuncture. I go to see if it will help me get through the pain of morphine withdrawal. I don’t know if the acupuncture is working for that, but the arthritis in my hands feels immeasurably better.

Not an exact science Dr. Lam tells me. In fact, there is one spot that no one knows its purpose. Just that it works. I am open to trying anything.

... looking at Val Napoleon's oil painting ...
"Raven Visits Monet"
Every distraction is good, Catherine tells me. So – my job is to write down what distracts me. One thing is visits to Rebecca’a office. One wall is deep in books, two and three deep with titles that make the curious at least pull down the volumes to take a look. On the other wall hangs gifts: oil paintings, pottery, certificates, student projects, long marked and now waiting for a return to the owners – distraction on the walls and out the window – a distraction that rivals the acupuncture. I will miss going to the office this week while Rebecca is in Ottawa.



  1. I too thought Rebecca's office was fun to visit. You cannot be bored in that room. The books, the art, the artifacts tucked on shelves between stacks of books. Books vertical. Books horizontal. Books on the window ledge. Books outside on a table. So fun. And how about that desk that can be adjusted for standing or sitting. Sweet.

  2. Bonnie? I can tell you have been in that office. Your "books everywhere" description tells it as it is. What you missed is the UPS box with the new books beside it, the covers not even cracked yet. I got to touch 2 new sets -- two books with Chilcotin legends, and then the second books -- art books on how to draw. Imagine being the first one to look at those! I love that first feel of turning back the cover for the first time.