Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Eve eve

our raclette -- exactly as illustrated
Duncan wanted the Christmas tree lit, the outside lights glowing, the house lights dimmed, Christmas music playing, the family all around the table and …. raclette.

And so our Christmas eve began, beverages in our goblets, cheese to melt under the grill, and proschuttio warming on the grill in front of us. 

Baby potatoes, purple and red, had been preboiled and mushrooms had been fried in butter, but still they needed to be warmed.

We talked about the best Christmas evers, for all of us. Rebecca told me thank you for the Grade 7 gift of a clock radio. The boys remembered an x-box gift from Verlaine. “Oh she loved giving you guys presents.”  I still own the second hand cedar chest I received when I was 18.

Anyone else with a "best ever Xmas gift"?

Having the family all together was a good one for us.


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