Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Seton Place

From Catherine

Boyce and Kelvin Johnson
I went to visit Uncle Grant and Boyce twice last week.

It was really nice to see them.

They seem happy and well cared for. My dad was absolutely delighted to see them and melted when Boyce ran over to him and yelled "Uncle Kelvin".

Boyce gave him a huge hug. It was definitely a nice greeting. Boyce gave me a tour of his room and spent some time with us after your dad had been picked up to go to church. I love that the ward comes to get Uncle Grant for church. Uncle Grant was delighted and excited to go. I will try to connect with the Bishop of that ward when my dad has a move in date.

Kelvin, Boyce and Catherine

I  haven't seen another nursing home as well organized and thought out as Seton place.

 I love that each person has their own room for privacy, yet there are many nice warm communal areas for visiting.

The nursing staff seemed very attentive to both Boyce and Uncle Grant. Seton place really feels like a community.

My dad's transition nurse called today to say his application has been sent. Hopefully he will be over at Seton place before Christmas.

I went to see her Aunt Sharon last week too. We are hoping she can be transferred to the same building with Grant and Boyce. I hope it will all work out.



  1. You worked extremely hard when you were here Catherine. Time flies when one is so busy.

  2. The big move for Kelvin is on the 18th. From afar, Catherine is looking at Kijiji to find furniture so that the room will have a side table and a dresser for when he moves in. The rest can come later, but a bit of furniture will help Rebecca who will help him with the transition on Friday.

    Kaloo, kalay as they say in Alice in Wonderland. Three cheers to Catherine, to Richard, to Rebecca, to Bonnie, to all who participated in making this move possible.

    Grant and Boyce are there. I may have said this before, but Ramona reported that her dad calls and says to come and get him. And he tells her he is in a hotel. Yes, a five star hotel. Wide halls. Private rooms. The staff who were showing Catherine around, actually knew the patients by name and hurried her off to the right floor so that she could get a visit with them. Catherine said Grant was all dressed up and walking the halls, visiting with other people. AgeCare at its best! she said. Hoping we can all have such glorious accomodations when our time comes.