Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Shopping

I have two pair of jeans – both used, the best way to get jeans. One fits perfectly, but the other is on my hips and I need a belt, which is going to up the cost of those jeans by a considerable amount, given the jeans were free.

 ... desperate as I was, I just couldn't buy this pink one ...
I doubled up today – a walk to the store for said belt which is two for one: exercise and a new accessory.

My normal size 34 belt doesn’t work, I was prepared to jump one size, but not two, which is what I had to do, I discovered, as I stood there trying on belts at Canadian Tire.

Do I have no shame -- trying those belts on in the isle, seeking one that would do up without having to cinch my body in.

Tim Horton’s is on the corner and Canadian Tire is tucked in behind it. There is always a long line-up of cars at Hortons, even making it dangerous to walk there ... except for today.

No cars at Hortons.

And the Canadian Tire isles were empty, even with their 70% sale.

Rebecca and I have the groceries to make spring rolls, and I thought I might get some butter lettuce to add to them, but no butter lettuce and a sad day when a person goes into the store and there is nothing to buy. I did see some customers at the deli. I think I will do that when I get too old to cook. Just stock up on those lovely salads. But until then, I will be happy with the new belt and hope that it represents how low I am wearing these jeans and not pounds gained around the waist.

I hope I am the only one with this fear.



  1. Springrolls are very ambitious! Last time I made them we lived in Brussels and I think your girls were there Arta. Too much time to make them and they just get gobbled up.

    1. I did some of that gobbling. If you make them this summer, Wyona, I promise to slowly savour every bite. ;)

  2. It is as quiet here as it is in Victoria. I heard on the radio on the 23rd that it is always the biggest shopping day of the year, but the stores were quiet in Salmon Arm. The 26th? Same thing. I was able to keep my wallet in my pocket. Nothing much interested me.

    Today is my first of my five days of using my planner in a row. At the top of the day, there is a box for "Today's Focus". I didn't notice that before. I wrote it "Soup" and then went and made West African Peanut Soup. How satisfying is that? Well worth the $24 Rebecca paid to give me the gift. Not for her, perhaps. Ha ha ha. But I have 8 servings of soup and at $3 a cup that makes $24 dollars. And if I paid $8 for each cup, then I saved $5 per cup which gives me (hmmm... 5x8=40) $40 savings ... but I think I need to subtract out the cost of the ingredients (1 c peanut butter, 2 cups sweet potatoes, 2 cups tomato juice ... oh, too much math). Well, I am sure someone saved or gained some money in the process.

    The woman working on her accounting practices

  3. We have some of that soup -- frozen, waiting for the moment when we need a quick fix of warm soup.

    As well, Rebecca has some sweet potato dahl in the freezer, so we can match it up or mix it up.

    I like to think of the savings when I make the soup as well. But I am mostly calculating if I can keep the fat down and the good vegetables up.

    I will miss making a thick turkey soup this year, but one of the musts is cook a turkey and we didn't do that this season. But there will be more seasons and more turkeys. This way, at least one turkey was spared its life, if I look on the bright side.

    We started the day with an omlette, four eggs, but shared. In the mix we lost the lid for the basil pesto I used on it. The good thing about the lost lid is that I have a clean kitchen now, looking for it. Every dish done, every counter wiped ... still no lid. Oh well, everything can be covered with saran wrap, even the top of a jar.

    Is there a place in the Passion Planner to do accounting? At least simple accounting?

  4. Re the spring rolls? We are making them Vietnamese style, so the wrappers only have to be softened, not deep fried. We aren't worrying about timing these days. If we can't make something in 30 minutes or less, we just don't make it.

    We do have the bean sprouts in the fridge. Worst comes to worst, if we don't get those spring rolls made, we will be having egg foo young.

  5. I saved the most. I didn't buy anything and i didn't eat it.David

  6. David? I know you are a good saver of money. But what is it that you didn't eat? I am guessing it is something you wanted.