Sunday, December 6, 2015

Birthday Cakes

From Bonnie

... and the feast begins ...

For David's birthday, I had planned to make the chocolate cake recipe that Moiya put on the Larchkitchens blog.  But it was too late to go from scratch so the cake I made tasted like Duncan Hines. Maybe David and I will tackle the blog recipe today.

Arta's tips for making a layer cake worked well: use the tradition pans.  Because the 2 layer cake was tall enough, I was able to draw stick figures in battle around the the vertical sides.

On top it said Happy10th Birthday David, and a lone gunman was peeking out from behind the number one shooting fireworks into the air.

... 7 boys can consume one cake ...
David loved it.

He pointed out that the figures were using light sabers, not laser guns ... so we made up some grey icing, and put a laser tag gun in each boy's hand: 7 party goers, 7 stick figures.

It looked super cool.

How did I forget to take a photo?

All you get to see here is the left-overs.



  1. What I liked about the birthday cake was its decorations. I had never thought of using stick figures iin action as decorations. Bonnie has been practising them for a long time with David, so she can get a stick figure in any position. I, on the other hand, still have to look at a book to see how to get one going up the stairs or in the position of a prat fall. But what a good way to draw on a cake and make it look as though it has been thoughtfully and thoroughly decorated.