Friday, December 18, 2015

The Holiday Train in Salmon Arm

... an ordinary day in the life of a Salmon Armian ...
We made it to school for David and work for me, cross-country ski lessons, karate, and the Holiday Train.

David and I had a great view and danced as Jim Cuddy sang.

Too fun.

I saw Blue Rodeo as a teen.

Now he got a taste.

... reminding us of the old Thomas the Tank Engine days ...
I showed David how to get closer to the train.

Just wait for a small opening, squeeze in, wait for another, and soon you are up close enough to be by the cautionary rope.

The local radio announcer was doing the honours.

Donations to the local food bank would buy you some hot chocolate, a hot dog, some cookies.

We saw old friends, some who hadn't seen David since he was so small.

Merry Christmas to all from our spot at the holiday train.



  1. Marcia missed taking her family to the Holiday Train this year in Calgary. I think her family has gone every year since Moiya phoned one Christmas when Gabe was little and told him the Christmas Train was at Shuswap. He cried because he was not there.

  2. I have seen the holiday train pass by from Moiya's window, of all places. But there it was, slowly moving along the track, right from the advantage point of Moiya's window. Maybe next year I will get to see it in Salmon Arm, or Calgary. What a lovely tradition for Marcia, to have taken her kids every year. Isn't this the year for doing musicals right up to two days before Xmas.