Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dine with me

Who would nibble bread like this?
I make bread. The house smells good and the recipe on the back of the Rogers bag of brown flour can't be beat.

I cut the recipe right off of the bag, hole-punched it and use it instead of tipping the bag over every time I have to think of what much of the next ingredient to use.

Steve and the boys asked what that deep, dark flavour is that they don't recognize.  Molassess?  If so, could I try a batch without.

And I did.

Sometimes the loaf is high when the mixture is wet, but I added too much flour in yesterday's bread so the loaves are low and dense -- still delicious and just right to put a salt and peppered tomato on.
Mmmm, delicious and now a nap

The loaves were just close enough to the edge of the counter, when we left, that Kiwi had a feast while I was gone.

Hurts to be the grandmother who cooks bread for the dog.



  1. Mmmm. I can almost smell the bread, with melted butter from the pound that is half gone sitting next to the loaves.

    Funny to see Kiwi napping in the other room through the window. That made me laugh.

  2. Kiwi seems to have some beagle instincts, since her nose is often on the ground, sniffing out pieces of bacon or sausage that might have fallen to the floor. She did get up and take 3 of Duncan's cupcakes when he and I left to go downstairs and do the recycling. This was not something that pleased Duncan -- work and then to find not even the cupcake wrappers were left. The dog devoured it all.

    The only thing that could be worse is Mary's new dog hoping up on the table and getting her wine. Now there is a dog with good taste.

  3. Bonnie? Re the melted butter -- there were 3 loaves of bread. I didn't show the one we had eaten, and was now half gone. I had shoved it back on the counter and turned it on its end so that the cut side didn't dry out. But the other two perfect loaves -- well, they weren't that perfect when I saw them next. Steve loved going around the house and asking everyone if they had been the one to nibble the ends of the bread.

    Woof. Woof.