Saturday, December 26, 2015


 ... two sizes ...
I looked out on the blog, in fact the whole blog – 7 years of chatting. Posts by many others.  I tried to do my part.

I know why I hit just about my all time low of doing posts – once by legs slowed down in the summer, so did my typing. The bad math is that I thought, surely if I type a bit over the holidays I can finish off the year with a post a day. That won’t happen. I thought I had only ten to go, but no, 30 in 5 days is expecting too much from me. It is time to start wrapping up the year though – move phone numbers from the 2015 daytime to the 2016 daytime or add birthdays of new borns. How about going through every page in that old daytimer and try to see if there are any things on those lists that I might still be able to do? That would be frustrating. Better to leave those things unnoticed and also undone.

Rebecca and Bonnie have switched over to a new style of planner. Passion Planner. 

There are places for work-to-do-lists, personal-to-do-lists, and one list for “infinite possibilities”.

 I just bundle all three categories on a piece of scrap paper and glue it into my no-frills book.

 But then they have a monthly wrap up with lessons learned, what you are grateful for, memorable moments of the month. 

Maybe I will switch over next year.



  1. You have such a great system with your planner, Arta. Switching systems often means a trickle down effect that cannot be easily predicted. I say, stick with the system that you know works.

    I do love the concept of the passion planner. I do love the feel of the passion planner.

    My implementation? I would give myself an A+ for every time I used it.

    Sadly, less than 1/12th full.

    The section I did fill up is the notes section at the end. I had to spill back over to January and use up the unused calendar pages to contain all the notes I wanted to keep.

    I got my planner as a gift from Rebecca. Thus, it opens with some notes from a hilarious conversation with Stacy Chappel on her unpublished office management system. The footnote reads "Office culture developed one joke at a time." But if you want to know more, you will have to find my planner and return it to me. unlocking the secrets of the "mandatory hurrah" and the "complaint walrus" is the reward listed under "If found, please return to: ...".

    The back includes ...
    - a hand drawn map of how to get to the best hills in Sorrento for practicing bike riding

    - advice from Deborah Pugh on how to be the best advocate for your child: "document when things are going well so you can reiterate those conditions".

    - drawings of how to hold crutches under your arms along with the note that a tight t-shirt is better for reducing abrasions from the crutches

    - quotes from "Wrapping our Ways around Them" including "our child spends more time with the 'ists' than with family" ... ists = specialists. and "how do you get out of the water when you have fallen through the ice? distribute the weight. this is what aboriginal law does."

    -a Swiper sticker marking a page where I started some food journalling

    I can't blame Angelia Trinidad for my limited use of the calendar part of her amazing planner design.

    I struggle with keeping track of time, appointments, dates, and things (and sometimes even people). I do best with what is in front of me in the here and now.

    For example, every time I have gone to the Passion Planner website, I have longed for the 2016 Limited Edition gold 8.5x11 2016 planner. I have even made it to the stage of pulling out my credit card to pay the reasonable cost at which it was priced.

    What stopped me each time was thinking I should prove its worth to me by using the one I have. It's 2015 still. I will see if I can use it daily for 27, 28, 29, 30, and 31.

    Happy New Year (just trying to get in one thing early)!

  2. Its David. I really want a cooking planer that has ideas of what to cook each day of the and my mom had a smoothie competition i won but it was really fun.