Monday, December 28, 2015

Mini Oranges

The size of  the oranges?  
As illustrated.
One of the amazing pieces of living here with Rebecca is going shopping with her.

She stops and looks at the shelves, searching for something new to eat. That is an easier task in a restaurant when looking at a menu.

At the grocery store we have to look at every bottle or can or bag on the shelf.

 But sometimes she just grabs something we have had before – like the mini Mandarins. In the case of the last bag she thought she grabbed, what arrived home were mini oranges, not mini-Mandarins. Until she spoke up, I didn’t know she was having the same trouble I was having. The peeling is hard to take off. Usually I have orange juice all the way up to the second knuckle of my fingers on both hands, before I get the fruit unpeeled. Further, the time it takes to peel the orange is far greater than the time it takes me to eat it.

“Doesn’t seem worth the work,” she said, when there was finally a minute when we were both eating the oranges.

I haven’t been seeing much of her, and neither has anyone else. She has papers to mark – 102 of questions one and two. She could do 3 per hour when she began. Now she can do 6 per hour, which means her speed has been doubled now she knows what she is looking for in an answer, but there isn’t much hope she can go any faster than that. So her time is spent sequestered in her office marking. That is, until Duncan wanted to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens again.

Yes to the sweetness of slicing.
They headed out to see the show last night and were back within the hour – the theatre was sold out. All they could get was tickets for the 11 pm showing. That is a late show for me. All of the treats in the world on my lap, I would still not be able to stay awake, so I stayed home … and ate oranges.

They are sweet and delicious and fun to eat now that I know to cut them with a knife.



  1. Passion Planner Day 2

    Today's Focus: Start a new habit of eating more healthy foods. How? One bite at a time.

    Step one: 9am boil up Red River CereaL for breakfast.

    Step 2: 11am make a smoothie for a snack - 1/2 c orange juice, 1/2 c frozen bananas, 1/2 c plain Greek yogurt, 1/2 c frozen plums (in a mighty cook-off with David)

    Step 3: plan out Chinese food - look up how to cook brown rice, search for cord to new rice cooker, begin defrosting meat.

    Break Time: enjoy Arta's blog posts. I studied the hands very hard to see if they were yours. I think not. But you gave me a good idea. When I decide to eat an orange (large or mini), part of set up for me should be to have a warm wet cloth and a dry cloth near by so I can enjoy the taste without being distracted by the sticky juice up my arm.

  2. Re using the frozen bananas in your smoothie:

    We have bananas here, bought on the green side and then they yellow, get speckled, and that is when 4 of the five of us eat them. During that green to speckled period. When they get to that black stage, that is when they get frozen for Rebecca. She is still making the spinach shakes in the Bullet and there is nothing wrong with an overripe banana in one of those.

    Re cooking Chinese food:

    Which dishes are you planning on doing? We have some bok choy here, and I keep thinking of putting it in a chow mein, but still haven't done it.

    My cooking goal for the day was to use the mini-potatoes left over from our raclette extravaganza. I made them up into potato salad. Delicious, but the wrong season. If it doesn't work out to be a winner, there is a good green compost box here.

    Re having a warm cloth nearby when peeling oranges? David Pilling was the first person I knew who wouldn't eat an orange for he didn't like getting the peel under his nails while preparing it. That is a pretty big step -- to give up oranges, so I know he must really hate it. I love oranges. I think they are my second favourite fruit.