Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Acupuncture 101

Today when the needles were being removed from my body the Dr. told me that acupuncture doesn't work as well on bodies that have a lot of morphine in them.  The morphine deadens the sensation, he said, and that I will get more relief from pain when my body is back to normal, using all of its natural capacities and not  to be deadened as it is now.

I have no idea if this is true or not.  But given that he thinks the relief is less than ideal, I decided to do some shopping therapy by stopping in at the university book store which is on the bus loop in Victoria.  If the acupuncture wasn't ideal, spending money should be.  The shopping therapy didn't work either, for I didn't buy anything.

 ... enjoying the Xmas decorations in the UVic Bookstore ...
But beautiful Xmas ornaments were half price.  I touched them, took a few into my hands, hooked them over my fingers and let them swing until they stopped and then I put them down again.

There was a 4 inch high Eiffel tower,  sparkling with reflected light, some globes that held birds as though they were nesting, and some wooden silhouettes of Christmas trees -- all lovely, but we don't even have our tree up yet.

This is so unusual for me -- being a person who gets her decorations up on December 1st so that I can enjoy them for the 25 days before Xmas.  Now I will be enjoying the tree after Xmas.  I like mixing things up like that.



  1. Tonight David, his friend Connor and I played a game called "Would you rather ... "

    One of the questions was would you rather have surgery with the only anesthetic being (a) acupuncture, or (b) hypnosis?

    David thinks hypnosis would hurt less than needles. What do you think?

    1. Having surgery with only one of those? Gosh! I want both and real anaesthetic as well. I need 3 out of 3. The only one I haven't tried to hypnosis. I am not a good candidate for that, since it is hard for me to give my will over to someone else or to let them take charge of me, which is a bit weird, don't you think? But I still can't do it, so I am going to have to choose acupuncture, since I only get to choose one out of 2 and the second one really scares me.

      Which one did you choose, David?

  2. David replies: My favorite decoration, grandma, is the giant snowman holding a candy cane. It it were real, I would like taking a bite out of it.

    I made some decorations at Kids Club. I mde a house, an airplane, and a helipad. I made them with popsicle sticks and a hot glue gun. Then I coloured them with felts.

    Last year I made a paper snow flake. This year I made a weird looking snowflake out of string and white glue.

  3. I hope all of your decorations are up somewhere in the house, David. You are brave to work with the hot glue gun. There is one in the garage if you want to make some more decorations that involve the hot glue. I usually get one good burn when I am using it.

    I like that big snowman as well, because it can function as a "winter" decoration and be left out longer than the Santa decorations.