Saturday, December 19, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

We had pre-purchased tickets for Star Wars: The Force Awakens yesterday. The day has been circled on the family calendar for weeks, Duncan sometimes going to that blessed Friday and just pointing at it, as though all of us were participating in his anticipatory pleasure. We left without Alex, since he wasn’t home and by the time we passed over MacKenzie, Steve was asking Siri to phone Alex. Sure enough Alex’s voice was heard on the phone, “I came home in time to see you drive away.” We circled back for him and then proceeded to get Ben who lives well downtown. Steve was apologizing to the boys about being late, but we had 3 minutes to spare – which really means we had 15 minutes to spare since the trailers for upcoming movies take that long. Steve pressed snack money into the hands of all three 6 foot plus teenagers and out to the foyer they ran. Alex had asked for cheap treats at the theatre which made both Steve and I guffaw – the word cheap cannot be applied to movie concession stands in my mind.

beige trousers and top

double belt slung low on hips
cut away arms at the shoulders
criss-cross paneling on the bodice
fantastic hair-do -- hope it becomes stylish
I saw some costuming on the theatre patrons: a man in a long black flowing coat, and a woman dressed as the new protagonist – Rey. That was fun. As well, I sat by a man and his son, and as I settled in, he welcomed me to the event. Soon he was pressing his cell phone into my view, telling me that what he was about to show me was the best spoiler of all time. I read the one-liner – lucky for me that I knew so little of what was to go on, that I didn’t catch on to its significance until the movie was over.

On the way home we tried to think of the best one liners in the script. I liked Finn’s job description. But you will have to see the movie to know what that was. And I thought Rey’s occupation was equally fun. Not a lot of costume changes in the movie. But watching it in 3-D was wonderful. I was sure that I was hit a few times until I got used to ships coming in from behind me, over my left shoulder.

When I arrived in Victoria a couple of months ago, these tickets had already been bought and had names on them. In the course of time, some people had to drop out and that is how I got to one of the first showings of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. By the time the new sequel comes out, I just might have my own costume ready to wear. Why not join those for whom a movie of this proportion is a cult event.

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  1. I so vividly recall seeing Star Wars on opening night. Best movie experience of all time when you combine film quality and my tender age of 11.

    I wonder if David will also have an experience of epic proportions given his tender age of 10.