Friday, December 18, 2015

Arbutus Cove Walk

... my walking target ...
If I start from Rebecca’s house, it doesn’t matter which direction I take – every road is interesting.

The crescents and the circles have their charm, as does the children’s park that is close by.

Today Mary asked me if I walked to the ocean and I wondered why I haven’t been doing that.

I pointed myself to the east and just about all of the way, I was walking downhill. Thirty minutes to the ocean. The wind was gentle.
... look past the arbutus limb to the oean ... the Pacific ...

The climb back was uphill all of the way. I lingered at many of the iron gates that were closed – locking people into their estates. Gorgeous homes, well manicured lawns and everything so green and beautiful here.

All of the residents, able to take the same walk I took, down to the ocean.

What a way to have winter!



  1. Yes, the only possible improvement would be for your winter to be here, in the

  2. I hear you have some snow, which is a word that is bound up in the idea of winter for me. I walked along green avenues again today. When I see decorations of snowmen out side, I wonder where the people bought those. The images aren't typical of winter here. Now it would be alright for them to decorate with deer. One passed right between our car and the car ahead of us as we were on the way to the movies. Steve had to brake for it. The deer are so tame that they should be required to wear reflective vests to prevent car accidents.