Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Retelling Stories by Drawing

Last Spring my mom and I decided to do some gardening. We were trying to flip over a wheel barrow, 
but my mom accidentally dropped it. 
It made a loud clang.
A bear was close by in the bushes eating some berries. 

The bear didn't know we were trying to do some gardening.
The "clang" scared the bear.

The bear scampered up a tree.
The breaking branches made some loud sounds.

We didn't know the bear was near by.
The sounds of breaking branches scared us.

So in the end, we were all scared.


  1. Hello David,

    A bow wow to the pictures. They made your story so interesting! I can't believe you can be so nonchalent, living in bear country.

    How do you keep watch for them?

    Do you use Glen's trick of calling out to them?


    1. Wait. This is Bear Country?!?? David

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