Monday, December 28, 2015

Duncan loves Christmas

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Duncan loves Christmas. His dad offered to give him the cash that would otherwise be spent on a fresh tree. “So near to Christmas, it really isn’t worth getting the tree,” Steve said.

 That was no argument for Duncan.  He would rather have the feel of Christmas than the feel of cash in his pocket.

He likes to have the outside Christmas lights on and he likes to have the tree lit. When I go to bed at night, I sometimes turn off the tree lights but he is still playing games in the family room.  When I get up in the morning, the lights are back on the tree that is in the front room. It is the last thing he has done before going to bed. Turn them back on. How can anyone love Christmas more than that.
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Christmas morning brought two traditions I am not familiar with. 

One is that the presents under the tree come from people far and near, fictitious and real.

 One from Elizabeth May, one from Darth Vadar, one from Steven Harper, one from Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps. One from Billy Idol, one from Darth Vader, one from Lucifer, one from Barak Obama

When unwrapped there were lots of electronics and new T-shirts. 

I have never heard of O2, but those shirts were keepers.  I heard words of gratitude all day about those gifts.
... candy bought for the fabulous box ...

As well, though the stockings were hung by the chimney with care, they had been stuffed with newspaper.

 There is no way that the stocking stuffers would have fit in the stockings, had the stockings been long enough to hang down to the hearth.

There was the Kinder Express Surprise Train, a Gingerbread Spice Chocolate Bar, Hemp Heart Bites, a can of Hibiscus Soda, a jar of Simpkins Sweets (Royalty Style).
Simpkins ... for a royalist
When Rebecca saw those on the shelf at the store she said, "I just have to get these for Alex. He is not a royalist and will laugh when he pulls these out of his metaphorical stocking. "

I am just wondering whomever  else has had a CLIF bar: Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch – the ingredients are 70% organic in their loot bag. Even 3 days later, it is hard to to laugh with all of the fun – making it is one of Rebecca’s gifts.



  1. I love this tradition! I hope I remember to adopt it. I wonder what Firefox or Yoshi would leave David or what might St Jordi or L'home dels nassos leave Joaquim. I know what Glenda the good witch would leave for me. Some fabulous new red shoes and directions for a road trip.

  2. So? Your idea of directions for a road trip is a good idea. I wonder if your car will drive you to Victoria? Come sooner than later, for school starts Jan 4th, and then it will be too late -- all will be back in the traces after what is turning out to be a very restful holiday.

    I am twisting Duncan's arm to go to 2 movies with me tomorrow. Tuesday is $6 day at the movies, except for Star Wars. But there are lots of other good films to see.