Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Elsewhere

I face-timed Mary and Leo to see how Christmas had gone for them. A storm that included high winds came to Aylmer the day before Christmas, downing a large branch on their electrical line. Now that is a big downer – Christmas day and no electricity. They cooked their turkey next door at the neighbours so all was not completely lost, but there is an irony in Xavier getting a new computer for Christmas and not being able to use it. Naomi was luckier – she got books and Rhiannon got a beautiful play pony – those old fashioned toys worked well for them in an electrical failure.

Bonnie and David were invited to the Woods house and they took along a gag gift Bonnie had picked up at the dollar store. One of the nastiest presents ever – a gag toilet. When you open the lid of the toilet a stream of something arcs out of it and hits the person who opened the seat.

 Bonnie and David wanted to “get” Uncle Dave with the gift, but Reggie was so excited he couldn’t keep his hands off of it, even though he knew it was his grandfather who was to have the first peek. He was mad and to make things better, Bonnie asked Autumn if she could open it next and take the hit, to calm down Reggie.
Photo: Moiya Wood
... before the snow fell ...

Autumn agreed, but just at the moment when she opened the toilet seat she ducked to the left and the water streamed out and hit Oscar. Now two people were mad. To calm everyone down, the group agreed, the next one to open the toilet seat should be their grandfather. He agreed to try it and when he did, instead of ducking or getting mad, he just opened his mouth and drank the water as it streamed out of the gag gift. That made everyone laugh.

Photo: Moiya Wood
... the larch trees turn orange ...
On the side of having a wonderful meal, Moiya had prepared a turkey, home made cranberries, gravy, a ham, whipped potatoes, sweet potatoes, fresh buns and butter, a carrot medley and she brought out Nanaimo squares and other treats. The day seemed calm for only Des and Brandon and their family and Dan and Marina and their kids were there, as well as Matthew and Stacy with their two little ones. The other seven grandchildren were either in Texas or Edmonton – and there is always a certain quietude when everyone is not present.

3 super cool hardy new toboggans from the Farm Store in Kamloops
David grabs his sleigh and runs outside whenever the group go sledding – riding down the hill is more fun with others.

 As an aside as well, and tucked in the house after the toboganning,  David uses his multiple controllers for a game so Joaquim and Bonnie sit down with him and the battles begin.


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