Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Christmas Train

From Moiya:

Take a look at the Christmas Train from Lethbridge. 

It is going across the big train bridge. 

This is almost the same view that Dan and Marina get from their living room and kitchen window. It will be here in Sicamous on Wednesday.



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  1. How fun to think of it going across the country. David lived the outline of moose in lights. I thought it that looked like he was leaping as the lights shifted but as I look through photos on the Web I think he was playing the guitar.

    Each year I know the train is coming, I've seen it before, but I still feel my eyes open wide and my jaw drop open in surprise when those bright colourful lights first come into view.

    This year David was excited to see how the food donations were being lifted into trucks behind the snack awnings. He dropped money in the donation basket and enjoyed the hot chocolate, hot dogs, and sugar cookies with green sprinkles as he studied the crowd.