Monday, December 28, 2015

Cooking Planners

Aunt Catherine's Cooking Planner
Boil turkey bones and take meat off.
Use the broth to make a good soup.
Put in lots of turkey pieces.
Add your choice of vegetables.

Don't forget 3 or 4 garlic cloves.
While his mom is looking for a way to fully use her Passion Planner, David is looking for a cooking planner.

He wants to plan the meals for every night of the week.

My idea is don’t go buy a cooking planner, David.   Just a notebook will do.

The best way is to think of the 7 best meals you could ever eat, and then have one for every day of the week.

 I don’t know what those would be for you, but let me guess.

Some guys your age would like to have a hamburger every night of the week. Maybe that would be your bliss. Or how about a hamburger one night and a hot dog the next and the third night, spaghetti, and then just keep rotating those three meals. And then when the summer comes, you could rotate through every Subway known to man, but make them at home.

You see now how easy it is to have a Meal Planner that is personalized. You be the planner. Just figure out your favourite meals, make the grocery list to buy the stuff at the store, and voila. You can have each of these meals ready in the time that it takes to thaw your hamburger bun and cook your hamburger in a skillet. The hardest meal is the spaghetti, but not if you use a prepared sauce. Harder if you make your own sauce, which tastes better, but the good thing is that you can freeze the sauce in small portions and then just microwave it when you get home.

I didn’t add in making pizza. But on the other blog is Aunt Miranda’s recipe for quick pizza crust. That is so easy to make that you can have pizza faster than you can order it. Just put the ingredients in the mixer, let them go five minutes and while the dough is being mixed get your toppings ready.

Yup. No need for a meal planner, once you get the idea that you can eat whatever your heart desires just be doing some pre-planning. Now, good luck.

And tell me how you do.


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