Saturday, December 5, 2015

Chipmunks and Eagles

 ...Guess Who ...

Moiya sent me this picture with a guess who.

I had to study the picture and could get the woman with the Beehive hairdo and after that I could work my way backwards.  We tested out the picture with Alex who could see Uncle Greg for some reason and then he went on to say, "Wyona looks a bit like my grandmother.  I would say she looks like a bird and my grandma looks like a chipmunk."

"Really?  How do you mean," said his mom.

"Well, my grandmother lives in the wood.  She is surrounded by nuts and acorns and  trees, so I think of her as a chipmunk.  But Wyona -- she lives in a huge opulent house, surrounded by space, flying everywhere -- she is like a bird."

So here I am, living on the west part of the west coast, sharing the land with the Strait and Coast Salish, and reading their legends.  Alex must do the same thing:  Arta = chipmunk; Wyona = bird.

Just love it.  Thanks for the pic, Moiya.


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