Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Creche

A new creche -- so large!
Catherine sent me this picture of a new creche, wrapped under their tree, one that is much too big to store, I thought.

She had face-timed me around her house a few days ago and I saw another new creche, but only two pieces.

One she bought in Spain and all she could afford for now, she said. So there on her shelf was minimalist Xmas as far as the nativity scene, only Mary and Joseph, but sparkling in tiny pieces of coloured glass.

I was reminded of the elaborate creches I saw in Catalonia -- not only Mary and Joseph but whole villages, women by wells, merchants in stalls and whole villages.

At any rate, back to Catherine's house.
The Creche unwrapped

I laughed when she showed me the creche unwrapped. Yes to a surprise of epic proportions. Gifts, not always what they seem.

From Duncan's hands to Rebecca's a gift was tossed, but it bounced off of the couch and hit my leg.  How could a cylindrical gift have that weight, I thought.

I picked it up and tried with braille to see what it was. I was as surprised as she when it unrolled into a magazine:  The iPad Manual: Bring your iPad skills right up to date with the new IOS 9 and its new apps.  Even though I don't have an iPad I read through the manual. Beautifully written and so clear.  Rebecca said, "Even though I know 75% of what is in that book, it was excellent to read the pieces that I don't know."

The adults had agreed.  No gift exchanging.  But there was a large box for Steve.  Opened, it contained the keys of the new-to-him used car he has been driving for a couple of months.  And Rebecca feigned surprise over a present she had probably wrapped herself.  Yes, it was her empty iPad box -- a new iPad she called out with amazement.  Her old one was swept up from my house and stored in the garage last August and to be without one hurts -- for her.  She uses it when she teaches.  There can hardly be a better  testimonial for an iPad than that.


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