Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Recycling

CANDY BLOX: build 'em & eat 'em
Candy Blox. That is what the package reads. And yes, it is the candy you can play with, and then eat, one of the gifts Duncan is trying to trade off from the magnificent haul of stocking stuffers this year.

If you con't want that consider his Wrigley's Hubba Bubba game -- the instructions for playing are on the back of the package.

The only drink that has appeared for recycling is the Hop Soda.  One can was enough of that.

And then there are two tins of meat:  Spam and Deviled Ham Spread.

I told Duncan, "That spam was a product that we would shred in the '60's, add some mayonaisse and chopped sweet pickle and use for a sandwich spread."

"Well, that was in World Ward II," Duncan replied.

Mmm.  Nowadays, 20 years off is still pretty close.


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