Thursday, March 29, 2018

A 12 Year Old Boy's Paradise

Bonnie and I stopped at the Salvation Army Thrift Store just a little too long for David.

Bonnie wanted to look at the used books to see if there were any D & D manuals there.

I like to do a grand tour of any thrift store and then go back to my favourite isles, depending on what I saw in my first round.

This may have been making David a bit anxious for he was pacing back and forth, very close to the door, ready to make a quick exit.

As Bonnie was cashing out at the till she was chatting with the clerk, asking if books of this nature ever come into the store.

No question could have been better.

 The clerk was a gaming enthusiast and knew exactly where all of the good stores for this kind of product were situated in Victoria. 

She said that just down the street were three such good stores.

 David's interest in staying downtown for a while was now peaked.

I knew when I saw them coming to the car with a large shopping bag, and David with a big smile on his face, that they had reached Nirvna.

Or as the clerk likes to call that four block area, Nerdvana.

Bonnie and David brought home two figures they had airbrushed in the store.

As well Bonnie had so man complimentary things to say about the clerk who had helped them.

To David's question, "What is the right way to paint this figure?", he had replied, "It is your figure. The way you do it is the right way."

 Or to David's question, "How do I fix this mistake?", the clerk said, "90% of D&D painting time is trying to fix an items instead of moving on with it."

Holidays open up a lovely space to try new hobbies.

David thinks he is going to like this one.


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