Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Three cultural events a day ...

Last week was the opera, a movie and a stage show.  No one needs to go out three times a day, but there the cultural events were playing: Puccini's Seriramadie, In the Fade and Opening Night.  Moiya joined me at the opera.  She asked me what I was taking for treats.  I told her I had nothing in mind.  Wyona always takes care of that and when she isn't along with me I just go without.  Moiya brought two delicious ham sandwiches.

and here we are at another conference the next week-end
I went to In the Fade with Bonnie.

Today I couldn't even remember what the show was about until I went back and read the promo for it.

Then every scene was back in my mind.  A lovely show.

For the curious here is what some of the promotional material for the show said:
This film deals with the resurgence of fascism plaguing the West in general and the director’s native Germany in particular. When Katja’s Kurdish husband and young son are killed in a bomb triggered by neo-Nazis, she will stop at nothing to ensure the perpetrators pay. Is she seeking justice or revenge in this taut drama? Diane Kruger won Best Actress at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival for this role.
The end of the show was not satisfying, but it did lead to a lengthy discussion between the two of  us.

In fact, we could not find a satisfying way to end the show and still be true to the protagonist's character.

And then we went to the Salmon Arm community theatre to see Opening Night, in the evening.

I hope nobody read this for I have something to say about Opening Night.  I pointed out a man on the front row, just one row ahead of us, to Bonnie.  He was wearing a red checked shirt that had wide suspenders attached to a pair of jeans.  I think he had on a hat that I might call a farmer's hat.  I pointed to Bonnie and told her that I thought we had an actor planted on that seat, one who would make his way onto the stage during the performance.

I was wrong.

He was part of the audience, just like me.

A few days later I was wearing such a shirt and wondered if anyone walking down the street might think I have been planted there as well.  Just with an outfit too good to be true.


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