Thursday, March 8, 2018

More Snow

... digging out a hole for me to stand in ...
My porch has 5 months of snow collected on it. 

I have been shovelling until I am too tired to stand. 

Then I take a nap and shovel some more. 

My shovelling is long and so are my naps. 

I have the approximate square footage of my porch in my mind.

... David and I can walk on top
of the snow and not
fall to the bottom of it....
I divide by three and I am trying to shovel 1/3 a day.

This morning when I woke up I saw it was snowing again. 

Greg Bates probably had the same wonderment about seeing the snow as I did, since he is on the same project on his porch.

My way of taking heart is that I am not going back to any of the places I have shovelled. 

This morning I am going to proceed with the parts of the porch I haven't shovelled and see if I can get on top of this Sisyphean task.

Let the snow fall.


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