Friday, March 2, 2018

Winter from under the Deck

From Moiya

It actually rained for a while while I was fixing supper. 

Then about five minutes later there were big fluffy snowflakes. 

David is out shovelling off the deck once again because this time
we think that it will be harder to get the ice off the deck tomorrow.

I chose to stay in and clean the kitchen. 
But, as you can see I’m busy sending pictures. 
I better hurry and get those dishes done before David comes in.


  1. Great pictures, Moiya. My favourite one is of the picnic table waiting for someone to have lunch out under the deck and get that great view of the narrows that the picture shows.

    I wouldn't mind eating out there in a winter coat if the meal were hot -- maybe chili and new bread and then that glorious view with all of the snow.

    Yes, I love the Shuswap -- winter, spring, summer and fall.

  2. These are fabulous pictures. People who have never been to the interior of BC during the winter just have no idea how much snow falls. Hugs.