Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Best Day Ever

I got the expression, “the best day ever” from Graham Hicks. Glen told me that on one of their holidays Graham said, “This was the best day ever.” Glen was pleased. Then he noticed that every day Graham was saying this at the end of the day. Glen was more pleased. Now that is an attitude for you!

In that spirit, Saturday was my best day ever. I was on my way to watch Romeo and Juliet when Richard and Miranda told me that if I would watch their children, they would do my electrical work for me. The switch was easy for me. Getting my electrical done – the best day ever. And I had the best day ever in other ways. The kids and I started out with a Bubble Gum Contest. If you have to ask who won, the answer would come in the form of Doral Johnson’s answer.

"Did you have fun?"


"Then you won."

We moved on to learning the skills behind the game “Whose Got the Quarter”. When I was young, we used to play that game with a silver dollar. Now we need a toonie for weight, so we emptied Alice’s piggy bank. The children told me that emptying piggy banks is expressly against the rules of their house, but no one seemed to know where there was any change, except in those banks. I suppose sin is always done in the name of expediency.

As we practised slapping the coins on the table, some people had more success than others. Betty was practising with a dime so that noise she made wasn’t all that loud. We had to have a leader trying to figure out who had the coins, so that occasionally gave our fists relief.

When that game lost its charm we went outside to play Fox and Geese since the snow is so high. Richard asked Michael and Alice if they could remember playing the game last year. They had no memory of it. Betty could remember. Oh, she is a miracle child, being able to remember the game from when she was 19 months old.

Richard shovelled the first round of circles and crosses for us, but he only took off 1/3 of the first layer of snow. I was left unable to run the course, since my feet were slipping so much further into the trails.

At one point Michael and I may have had a tussle, pushing each other in the snow, the fox trying to get away from the goose. I fell. He fell as well, but he could get up. I was trapped on the ground in the snow. Miranda had to come out of the house and get me vertical again.

We spent a lot of our collective time resting on the snow laden lawn chairs for running through that deep snow is exhausting.

Then we came to my house to do some craft work followed by another game of Spendor. I can’t beat Michael at the game.

At least not without cheating.

The best day ever.


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