Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Victoria Road Trip - Bannock

David and I made a list of 38 things we want to do on our road trip.

One of them was to eat bannock.

On the web is a bannock recipe by a Tofino B.C. mother, Marni Helliwell.  I couldn't see why we had to wait until the wheels of our car started rolling to get this done.

David measured out the 6 cups of flour and I got the other ingredients together, stirred and onto a piece of cooking parchment.  The bannock pretty well made a circle on the cookie sheet.

Take it out of the oven when it is golden brown, which is what I did.

I was using a dish towel to hold one end of the cookie sheet, and knowing it was too heavy, I was reaching at the same time for another pad.

The bannock slipped off of the cookie sheet, landing face up on the oven door which was horizontal.

Bonnie had it onto another rack before I could finishing making my move for an oven mitt.

We had bannock for 12 people.  David and I dug into it as though we were those 12 people but there was so much left over we had to bag it for later.


One item we want to do is off of our list.


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