Monday, March 26, 2018

Arbutus Cove

... looking at the graffiti that is a whale ...
Rebecca explained the house rules that are expected of house guests:  eat what you can find in the fridge, use all of the electronics that you can operate, go with the group when they are eating out, go with the group to social events.

Be prepared to give answers or ask questions about the event if you wish to earn money.

On listening to this, David sunk back into a cushioned chair to get his fill of electronics, David on one side of the room and Alex at the other.

Bonnie and I struck out to walk to Arbutus Bay.

... bleached logs on smooth stones ...
The forecast was so expect rain.  We could feel it in the air.  But no drops fell though we could feel the mist in the air.

We walked through cherry blossom petals that were on the paved path before us.

We found the bay and made it down the fights of stairs to the beach and sand.

A small rivulet of water runs down the hills. We could see animal tracks in the sand, maybe deer who had come down for a drink the night before.

Our purpose was to see how may steps we could get onto our fitbits in an hour.

The trip took a little more than that.

On returning home we brought up our computers to find out how to get to the Provincial Museum.

... a map o Arbutus and Cadboro Bays ...
Rebecca is preparing tonight to go to London tomorrow.

She is thinking of going without her laptop but it is a frightening thought: 6 days without a laptop.

I know that feeling.

I don't like to leave the house without a pencil in my hand.  I am afraid I won't be able to write my thoughts down, no matter how trivial they might be.


Road trips. 

I like them.


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