Wednesday, March 14, 2018

My New Neighbour

... my new neighbour ...
A few days ago I received a text that said, “I can pick you up tomorrow in my truck.”

I wrote back, “You have the wrong number.”

Today I received a phone call from David Pilling saying, “I texted you, but you said wrong number. I was going to show you my house.”

An offer to see his new home?

I can leave my jobs here and jump in his truck any day.

Well, not jump. Lift one leg up into the cab and scootched part of my body onto the seat.

Then grab a handle that seems connected to the windshield truck, tug on it with my hand and make a leap that also requires faith whether a person is religious or not.

... a sneak peak at the kitchen ...
The road up to his house seems more narrow now that it has snow banks on either side. “In a few weeks, or maybe even days we won’t be able to get up this road without creating deep ruts in it,” he said.

I can see why. The snow is just starting to melt and occasionally there is a hint of dirt on the road.

I have been longing to see what changes David has made.

I saw places where the drywall has had to come down.

Now the wires are exposed and they run through the studs and to the electrical box.

What I will never get over is the fact that the view is spectacular out of every window.

At the bottom of his stairs there is a long narrow window which I think has been added and at which I wanted to linger.

I can hear David saying in the future to some little child, “You get a time-out.” And then the poor little thing has to go sit on those steps and contemplate the beauty of the world through that glass.

The inside of the upstairs has been repainted.

I love it that the colour of the kitchen matches Shauna’s Kitchen Aid.  I don't know which came first:  the colour on the walls or buying the machine.
... a winter view from the deck looking west ...

Hamburger buns and a new loaf of bread, both created via the Kitchen Aid, were on the counter.

There an automatic vacuum on the floor.

 David says, “That machine is programmed to do its job every afternoon at 4:30 pm.”

When the division of labour is made at their house, who has to do any real work.

I walked around that lot so many times last summer.

The breath taking view is spectacular no matter which way a person looks.

No use going any further to find heaven.


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