Sunday, March 4, 2018

Too Young for Gum

"How does this look, Grandmudder?"
When we are having bubble gum contests, Betty wants to be part of the group.

Most of the time I am busy keeping her at bay -- out of the space of the other kids, but still letting her think she is part of the group.

Once Alice learned how to blow a bubble, the bar had been set and Betty was anxious to do the same thing.
At the same time, she was insistent that she wear my hair clip.

I thought it would be too heavy for her hair and I was right.

But she wore it anyway.

All morning.

You can imagine how I looked with all of my white hair hanging down but getting it back would have been a fight I wasn't willing to take on.

 Notice there is no picture of me, unkempt.
... not only is my gum hanging from her hand, but
you can see her gum between the fingers of her other hand ...

In the meantime, Betty saw the other kids trying to pop the wonderfully large and soft pink bubbles that I am skilled to produce.

Betty had to try to pop one of my bubbles herself.

I had some fear of getting a broken nose.

When she came at me with her fist, I let go so that what happened is the gum stuck to her hand.

You can only imagine how hard to laughed to have that hanging from the palm of her hand.


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