Friday, March 2, 2018

Costco: the place where friends and relatives meet

Hello from Matthew Wood
Who is going to believe that Wyona and I keep meeting our friends and relatives at Costco!

And we don't go to just one Costco.

We have to frequent them all: Beacon Hill, 32nd Street, Chinook and East Hills.

We know the foot court at everyone one of these places.

This time it was Stacey who said hello and then she made a beline for the food line-up.

A hard job, but someone has to do it.

The same 7 items on the menu, but every family mixes them up.

While she was doing that job we caught up with the rest of the family.

We got to speak with Evangeline who was wearing the cutest baseball hat ever.

And the baby is growing ... growing ... growing.

This was the day that I had purchased a new can of sugar coated nuts and we were testing them out as we ate our sundaes.

And so we got to share with the Woods.

A lot of fun for Wyona and me ... at Costco.


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