Friday, March 2, 2018

Big Snow Year

Moiya sent these pictures, but not text.

I added words that I thought went along with the photos of what she calls "the big snow year".

Moiya decorated the telephone pole beside her home.
The decorations have taken on an icy look.

Looking toward the east where snow is on every deck!
A snow angel could first shovel the Wood's deck.
Then the Bates's deck.
Then on to the Pilling's deck with the snow shovel.

A picturesque view of a cabin we all love.
Look at the snow on that deck!
The trick to shoveling snow off of the deck is to take
one of the panes of glass out of the railing and then
shovel the snow through that spot.
I didn't learn this until
I had shovelled a lot of snow.

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