Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Day Trip to IKEA

Michael with his pencil and IKEA list
Miranda asked if I would like to go on a day trip to IKEA.

She had some items to pick up and I have been longing for a linen towel from there.

I asked at the IKEA is the place.

When Miranda said we were going to have lunch there I wondered what would happen for I have only seen their hot dog line-up on the main floor.

I had no idea of the size or the buffet upstairs or the number of places where people can sit.

The kids seem to know better than me, both what to order and where to sit.

When I was at IKEA the last time with Catherine I was begging her not to buy the cinnamon buns there.
... yes, you can take my picture ...

Catherine said her family doesn’t mind them for they don’t know home made ones so they are more than satisfied with the ones at IKEA.

She says she often picks them up.

I would have stayed up all night to make home made ones, rather than have those come in the house.

On our trip that cute little Johnson family knew the drill: where the food cart was, where to put their plates on it, and how to find the condiments.
... no, I'm not sharing, Grandmudder ...

Some day trips are just wonderful and this was one of them.

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