Friday, March 2, 2018

Alice Shovels Snow

Funny Dogs:  Book 11
The forecast is for 30 centimetres of snow in the next few days.

I like to go out and shovel snow when the flakes are falling and the earth is blanketed in white.

The doctor said I can shovel snow, but that I should use common sense, which I do.

I am slow shovelling because the loads that I toss to the side are only half loads.
Alice practising the letter O
in the reading workbook.

I knocked on the door of the house next to me to see if anyone of the children wanted to shovel snow with me.

Having no takers, I just continued until the walks were near to finished.

And then Alice came out saying she was ready to help me.

She took the ice pick and tried to get underneath the snow that was packed on the sidewalk.

I was enjoying myself.

She lasted about three minutes
and then she followed me inside so we read another book, which she is showing you above:  Funny Dogs.
"Can I take this picture home with me?"
"Yes, Alice, you can."

We closed off the day using a new set of gel pens I bought when I was out shopping with Wyona.

She finds the best of bargains -- half price and there are glitter, neon and metallic pens.  Alice and I have 48 gel pens to try.  We only got through 7 and that was collectively.

Living the good life which is reading and then colouring!


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