Monday, March 26, 2018

B.C. Royal Museum

... just before going down
the long flight of stairs to the water ...
Bonnie found a parking spot right in front of the BC Royal Museum.

We bought our yearly membership which seemed like the right thing to do. Three visits and each of us will have our money back.

To begin with their was a language display in the First Nations Gallery that was fascinating.

We moved to the totem pole room, studying the images.
We learned that the Haida art has wide black eye brows and a concave nose, starting at the temple.

... water at Arbutus Cove ...
And we spent a lot of time at the diorama that depicts the Haida-Gwai of the early 19th century.  

Knowing that it took five years to complete this, we studied it more than we might have:  the boats in the water, the village meeting outside of someone's house, the salmon drying on the racks, the round house being constructed, the men on ladders, and the totem pole that has a door in the bottom of it.

We saw the totem pole of the Mad Woman of the Woods who eats children.

We checked out the early hotels, theatres and shops that represent Victoria of the 1900's.  I think David will be interested in this when we come back.
Bonnie's selfie with a deer in the background.
No one can see the deer, but we know it was there.

Museums are such treasures.

Because Bonnie and Rebecca both own baskets that have been woven on the island.

That fact made me look at the weaving with new interest.

Three cheers for the museum.  I will be going back.


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