Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Five Dollar Tuesday

In Salmon Arm, tonight was $5 Tuesday at the movies.

 Showing are Death Wish, Black Panther, Red Sparrow and A Wrinkle in Time. Moiya told me to look at the trailer and then I should pick which movie to see, but right off, she was saying no to a Wrinkle in Time for she heard it was fantasy. I told her that Red Sparrow and Death Wish both had warnings of Exreme Violence and Black Panther is also fantasy.

So it was a case of a woman doing the violence or a man being violent, depending on the movie we picked.

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Moiya may have thought that violence meant cars being smashed.

This was human violence.

When the show was over we sat there until all of the crowd were gone. Then she grabbed my arms. 

And made a deep breath going out.

 I told her time to go out for drinks and I would be the designated driver.

Moiya is going away for a week and told me that for next $5 Tuesday, I am on my own.


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