Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Road Trip - Mount Pkols

... Arta loving a returning visit to this space ...
Slowly Bonnie, David and I have been chipping away at the list of places we wanted to see in Victoria.

Rebecca took us to Mount Tolomie the first day we were here.

She pointed in the distance and said that a trip to Mt. Pkols would be equally stunning.

And that place was also on our list.

In fact when driving home Bonnie and I thought that perhaps on a morning walk we could leave Rebecca's and walk all of the way to Pkols.

... David at the summit ...
I couldn't make it up the hills as well, but it would just be a lovely walk to the base of the mountain.

The more we drive in Victoria, the shorter the distances

I like going there for at the summit there is a space where you can turn 360 degrees, seeing land and bays and mountains.

The clouds were low.

The mountains in Washington pierced through them.

David and Bonnie lost me on the trail that seem to disappear into the rock.
I saw someone coming down from that high point with a small child.

That didn't matter to me.

I took the path that was paved.  I have the feeling that if I looked over the edges, I might loose my balance, even that I might dive off as though in a dream.

So I keep close to the inner edge and even find myself crouching a little.

On the drive up our ears were screaming to us that we were reaching a higher elevation, faster than normal.

... map at the top of hill to situate views ...
The forests were so beautiful, looking down through them as we rose along the road.

A couple of trees had the marks of being sawed off. 

I wondered if that were from a storm that had brought them down over the road.
... a breathtaking view from Mt Pkols ...

But mostly the forest seemed untouched. 

Mother logs were nestled  into the grass on the side of the hills.

Lots of green leafy ferns lined the forest floor.

The sun cut through the branches leaving dappled patterns on the ground.

Just lovely.



  1. Yes.

    A lovely walk from your house in any direction, all of which lead to the ocean.

    Stunning views. Good exercise.

    I will be hard pressed to find a better place to vacation than this one.

    Again I enjoy the comforts of your home. A bonus for me, being here.