Thursday, September 8, 2011

All Call To Cousins! Fantasy Hockey

Dear Cousins,

I sent out an email to many of you recently inquiring if you want to join Frank and I in a fantasy hockey league this year. I got a ton of email bounces. I must not have current emails for many of you. I've reposted my email here. The only two cousins who have replied are Doral and Rebecca. Surely there are more of you out there who want to heckle other cousins. Please email me so I can get us all signed up. It's free. It's fun.

Love you!

Hi cousins,

Last year, Frank and I participated in an online fantasy hockey league. I haven't done fantasy hockey since I was in college (yes, a long time ago). It was very fun, and although we didn't really understand the rules when we got started, we had a lot of fun learning and competing against each other. This year, we thought this might be a fun way of keeping in touch with family. I am inviting all of you to participate in our fantasy hockey league. Here is what you need to be able to play.

· A computer with internet access
· A desire to have some fun
· A willingness to participate in an online hockey draft (about 2 hrs of time with your computer in mid to late September)
· An email account
· A willingness to learn the fantasy hockey rules
· A willingness to make changes to your hockey team about once a week
· A desire to heckle relatives

I would love it if some of you would join us in this league and I like it when the girls can play. For those of you who want to play, but don't know hockey that well, I recommend finding a partner and then owning a joint team.

If you would like to play, please reply to me with the email address that you'd like to use for your team. I'll sign you up and then some additional instructions will come to that email address.

If I've missed a cousin because I don't have his/her email address, then please forward this to him/her. I certainly don't want to leave anyone out.

Miss you all!


  1. Manda! I would participate but I am back in school writing a thesis (as I write of the family blog). Next year!

  2. Hi Amanda,

    I am thinking about your email bounces and questioning, what is the easiest way to get hold of people. Facebook is the place I go to find pictures of the cousins, their little families and to hear what they are doing. Not many of the forty of them are signed up here, though I would love that as well. Like you, I can't keep up with the changing email addresses -- but I do like to get a sense of what people are doing out on the social network.

    Good luck with fantasy hockey. I would not be a worthy combatant, having only worn white figure skates.