Friday, September 9, 2011

Mary's Hobby

Designer: Mary Johnson
Lampwork Beads in Blue

From Mary:

I made some beads and turned them into a bracelet to auction off at a work fund raiser. Arta made lots of jewelry from my beads when she was here in the winter, but this is my first time actually making something.

Here is the description for work:
The beads of this bracelet have been made by using a torch to melt the tips of colorful glass rods. As the glass melts, the fluid glass is wound around a mandrel, a narrow stainless steel rod. Once a base of glass is established, more glass is added, creating an endless variety of patterns and effects. Later, when the bead is removed, the space occupied by the mandrel becomes a hole in the center of the bead. Lampwork beads are handcrafted by Infrastructure Canada’s Mary Johnson.


  1. Beautiful hue, beautiful drscripion.

  2. Argh.... is it sold already? I WANT it!!!!